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Fate Zero Episode 15

The first half of episode fifteen was rather dull. Perhaps it was to set the proper context/mood for the second half… which painted one of the most majestic scenes of Saber I have ever seen. The show began with a bit of a recap: 1.Berserker trying to murder Gilgamesh. 2. Everyone else trying to kill […]


The King in whose kingdom has put all their hope on, bearing all the burden alone. (or so said the dialogue in Fate Zero) King of Knights! Wish I knew who the artist was. The art is simply beautiful. Haven’t found him or her yet. If only they didn’t change the sword…But it’s olryt in […]

Fate Zero Episode 14

Fate Stay Zero Episode 14 Yesss! The long awaited series has finally shown its’ glorious self. All the waiting, head scratching, day dreaming, computer gaming, exam taking, and all the activities to sedate the pain (of not being able to see the rest of the series) has finally paid off. Now we only need to […]