Master Artoria

Some have toyed with the reversal of Fate Stay/Zero characters: What happens if Saber was the master? Shiro the servant? Far be it! Nahhh, just kidding. Shiro’s ok.

A picture featured in the magazine “Newtype” april 2012.

By: Takeuchi Takashi

Just some info, the picture was found online… I have no idea whether this is extra art work from the producers or something they’re planning to make in the future.


Somethings to take notice of the picture:

1.Her own command seals. Why does she have them? Isn’t Saber a servant? Or is this a different person…

2.Attire (of course). Dark blue sailor fuku with a dashing red tie. Oh how glorious.

3. Weapon: Excalibur is that you? Or a kendo sword…?

Someone please make this into an official scale figure and I’ll pre-order it.

The picture inspires a lot of curiosity. Perhaps one day they’ll be merciful enough to make a Fate TV series that show the Fate Extras (games) and this beautiful picture of Saber having a turn at being a master.

18 comments on “Master Artoria

  1. Truly that is one interesting rendition of Saber! I would definitely bug a scale figure of that rendition. =3

    • considering the other scale figures (swim suit edition) they’ve made of saber, this has a pretty good chance to be made. πŸ˜€ justah chance

  2. Yup, i would love to see Fate Extras in an anime.

  3. ^ school uniforms were not SS+ rank noble phantasms last time I checked XD I wouldn’t mind being Arturia-sama’s servant =3

  4. I think I can totally see a spin-off with the master-servant reverse roles, and with hilarious results like Carnival Phantasm xD

    • ahh, Carnival Phantasm… there are many people who watched (and re-watched) it more than the original series of Fate Stay haha. Loved every episode (esp the ones w Saber).

      • I love the episode where Shirou and Shiki is planning for the harem route, and during the last few episodes where they are initiating their plan, hahah funny stuff πŸ˜€

      • I remember it πŸ˜€ Was kinda wishing they’d succeed but fate was rather cruel to them… or rather they brought it upon themselves haha. it was an awesome episode to finish the show. i woudnt mind a season 2 of it πŸ™‚

  5. It’d be great to see Saber as the master for once, even though it’s really hard to imagine Shiro as servant. As the matter of fact, it’s hard to imagine the roles being reversed for any team, but at the same time, it will make this project interesting. >.<

    Oh, if this picture gets popular enough, someone will make it into a scale figure.

    • Perhaps it might be better if the master roles are reversed… but with new servants. :)) Master Artoria having a lancer class servant would leave a lot of room for romantic comedy lol.

      I do wish and hope the picture gets enough ratings to be made… even if it’s in 2014 πŸ™‚

  6. hhhnnnnnggggggg… my Saber cant be this cute XD

  7. This Saber looks very cute with that outfit (^-^) Would be awesome if they make a figurine out of it!

    • Same sentiments πŸ™‚ in other blogs they said she’s waaaay more feminine in the pic… I’d like to see that a bit more. tis a small change from the manly/musculine saber we knoweth of.

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