Fate Zero Episode 15

The first half of episode fifteen was rather dull. Perhaps it was to set the proper context/mood for the second half… which painted one of the most majestic scenes of Saber I have ever seen. The show began with a bit of a recap:

1.Berserker trying to murder Gilgamesh.

2. Everyone else trying to kill the giant tentacle monster.

Here are some noted events. 🙂

1. Magical (one sided) battle

The fight between Tokiomi and Kariya was rather disappointing. Kariya stands on one side and sends evil huge insects to battle. Tokiomi parries the (one dimensional attack) with a shield of fire. After standing there for so long, Kariya must’ve realized that his strategy was utterly useless. Approaching his opponent in any other way would deem reasonable (of course). Why didn’t he try something else? Perhaps he was too consumed with his rage and having lost so much blood impaired his logic. Was expecting something more though. Perhaps this too was done in the novel… but with more context.

Tokiomi decides to finish him off with one fire spell. The battle was simple as that~ Bravo~~oo.

2. Healing

Kirei finds Kariya’s body and attempts to permanently finish him off. But midway he remembers the word of Gilgamesh. He ponders a bit and decides to heal Kariya instead. This makes the plot a bit more interesting because it shows Kirei’s character developing into something more twisted.

3. Irisviel’s moment

I can’t help but mention Irisviel’s moe moement. During the battle Kiritsugu calls her up on a cell phone. (We do know her to be a person locked up all her life in a castle and lacks the basic knowledge of electronics… or was she? O.O ). She goes on and asks her peepz on how it worked.

Ah, that moment in which you were expecting more blood to be granted avrare moe moment.


(Of course preferences differ from person to person, so not all may relate to this)

4. Berserker’s Highlight 😀

Berserker pulls a good one on Gil.

Nice one berserker. \(^-^)/ Of course in the end of the episode, Gilgamesh gets him back for that. Twas just a fun moment to see him temporarily put in his place.

5. Lancer’s Chivalry

I have to give this guy credit. He may look like a pretty boy, but he doesn’t flaunt it in such an irritating manner. Some describe him as a “Mary Sue” type of character… but there are some attitudes in him to respect.

Lancer finds out that he needs to break the curse of his weapon to allow Saber to anihilate caster. Without any hesitation he snaps the cursed lance in half.

This dude values his code above the weapon that gave him the advantage over her. He took a hit for the team. Because of that, the people’s lives (during that moment) were spared . Lancer’s value in his belief saved people’s lives.

6. Excalibur

Hohohoho.The sweet glorious moment in which Fate fans have been waiting foo-oor.

Let’s begin.

Thank you ufotable for making this scene so very epic.

Beautiful. Wish there was a scale figure that came with the blinding gold color instead of a dull grey blade.

A golden moment

+10 for this part.

Anti-fortress power activated. Heeeellll yea.

Sayonara Castahh =D

I was not disappointed at all. My expectations were blown away as far as Caster was. The pictures here are obviously insufficient to show how epic the scene really are.

7. Jeanne d’Arc

During Caster’s fall, we are blessed with a precious moment… a few simple scenes of Caster remembering Joan of Arc.

Seeing her story animated would be too good be true.

Blue eyes (@.@)

I really wound’t mind if they dedicated an episode explaining her role in the war… and showing off her own noble fantasms. Good ending!

8. Gilgamesh and his world…his own world.

The last dialogue is between Rider and Archer. Gilgamesh is being a…a Gilgamesh. He trash talks Rider and says a couple of things that would easily provoke anyone.

Talking smack

Wow. Where does that confidence come from? Even people don’t talk to me like that when I play (against others) online games. They go straight to cursing my existence, education, and family with a limited amount of vocabulary. They have no class in trash talking. If I had a pet dog that died when I was five, they’d insult/take a shot at him too. Gil apparently has a higher level of this skill/delivering verbal insults. He does it to Kings lol.

Not only does he talk to himself but he reveals his preferences infront of Rider.

What’s weird is when Rider leaves the scene, Gilgamesh finishes up on more dialogue… alone.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little drool drip down as he talks about Saber this way.

Notice his smile and eyes when he describes the woman he likes…  If only Saber heard what he said… I wonder what she’d label him as.

Episode fiifteen is majestic. The beginning wasn’t to my liking but the rest was breath-taking. Kudos to you Lancer. If it wasn’t for your selflessness, we wouldn’t have gotten to see Excalibur in all its power. Rider did his part and stalled for time and placed the monster nicely for a sure kill. Saber blew everyone else away. On to the next episode !

6 comments on “Fate Zero Episode 15

  1. Ex…calibur!!!! Yeaps, I’ve been waiting for that moment since last season. It’s epic!!

    Never knew Tokiomi can be this evil until this episode. He toyed Kariya for a bit and then finished him off in a single blow. That’s not fun. =(

    • So true. Fate Zero is the only anime i can remember that made people wait for one whole season to let us see the main protagonists super power. 🙂 usually its in the first or second episode haha.

      I kinda feel that all the masters are evil now haha. Perhaps not Rider’s but he may get there soon.

  2. Kariya was just sad. He had the whole underdog thing going on but unless he is going to get stronger I am going to continue rage against him..=X

    Hahaa I was more impressed with Rider trapping Caster in his reality marble than Saber’s insane golden blast. It was fantastically rendered though =3

    • Would be interesting to see Kariya getting stronger. I wish his health would improve too. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Wana see him work with Berserker together in one battle field. 😀

      If only they showed the scenes inside Rider’s reality marble. Thought it was important to the producers to animate all the parts in which the (hero’s ultimate) noble fantasms are used. Perhaps it would be too much work to include two noble fantasms in one episode. XD

  3. Jeanne D’arc! Awesme! they must animated “Fate/Apocrypha” with her as the main hero.

    Jeanne Noble Phantasm was “La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Virgin” : a holy sword that manifest flames 😉

    • Fate/Apocrypha being animated would be a wish well granted. I would second the motion to animate it. Although the budget of that animate would sky rocket and the animators would have the work cut out for em… if not fully utilized. Still, it is a master piece to be made.

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