The King in whose kingdom has put all their hope on, bearing all the burden alone. (or so said the dialogue in Fate Zero)


King of Knights!

Wish I knew who the artist was. The art is simply beautiful. Haven’t found him or her yet. If only they didn’t change the sword…But it’s olryt in the end.

4 comments on “Sabers(s)

  1. oh wow, really cool! However I still can’t get over the fact that no one in Camelot knew Saber was a male? XD

    • same sentiments indeed. back in those days, she’d probably be out-casted if the truth was known… but in our time it doesn’t really matter. in fact she has a huge fan club all around the internet. 🙂

  2. saber saber saber!! I just love saber too! =3 =3 =3

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