Fate Zero Episode 14

Fate Stay Zero Episode 14

Yesss! The long awaited series has finally shown its’ glorious self. All the waiting, head scratching, day dreaming, computer gaming, exam taking, and all the activities to sedate the pain (of not being able to see the rest of the series) has finally paid off. Now we only need to patiently bleed a week until another episode is shown.

Right in the beginning we receive an epic picture scene of Saber.


Hair and blood flying around ❤

We also have images from the opening song that leave us burning with anticipation and awe. The song itself didn’t really feel different from the first.


This scene hit the spot. Muy bien ❤


A guy character I actually want to know the background of.


Iries’ bleeding scene: makes me wonder why they chose this to be put in the OP song, but it does spark the interest to keep watching.

A couple things noted in Fate Zero episode 14

1.       The Giant Tentacle Monster

Fate Zero continues with the heroes’ fight against caster’s abominable summon. The super sized tentacle monster that is bent on destroying and not the usual perverted acts.


Unbelievable… it is not on H-mode.

2.       Gilgamesh’s spaceship

The first appearance of Gilgamesh and Tokiomi for the episode is on the… spaceship. Don’t get me wrong, I like it; it just felt out of place when I first saw Gilgamesh’s personal airliner. There was no set context on why Gilgamesh was on a spaceship (customized with golden plating, and gigantic neons; obviously suited for the owner’s taste). I have to admit it’s cool though.


Gilgamesh and Tokiomi engage in some dialogue concerning his OC-ness. Tokiomi tries to persuade him with a mass amount of flattery to put to rest the Super squid. Apparently…is it not very effective.  In fact it has the opposite effect. Gilgamesh gets angry and refuses to give anymore help.


3. Berserker’s grand theft auto

Another note-worthy scene is when Berserker hijacks a fighter jet. The scene was most intriguing as he “magically” takes control of the jet and spirals down towards the tentacle monster.



Man…I thought berserker would engage the freaky squid and rip it to shreds.  But I was so very dead wrong. He didn’t engage the tentacle monster, but Gilgamesh himself.


Apparently, Berserker believes that Gilgamesh is better game than the monster squid. To be honest, I’d somewhat think the same.

 4. First Blood

I assume that Caster’s master does not often play first person shooter games. It is very dangerous to stand still in the open with no camouflage (duh). People will misunderstand that you are asking to get shot and feed the opposing team.  Ryunosuke was (head) shot by Kiritsugu in this manner. This is the first human master to die in the Fate Zero series. Kinda expect a more creative way for him to expire but it wasn’t really bad. Perhaps the reason why was hinted by the twisted monologue he gave when he was dying.


Extra Thoughts: The continuation of Fate Zero is not disappointing… but neither is it satisfying. It left me wanting for so much more *sob*. Episode fourteen is enjoyable for me to watch it a few times over.  High standards are placed on this series and I do hope for its’ success. Personally, I am eager to see more of Saber and how the other masters die/admit defeat. Then again, who doesn’t?

The fourteenth episode leaves us hanging in great anticipation. They hint that Saber will unleash Excalibur upon her delusional fan/caster. Excalibur being used is breathtaking. Excalibur being used on caster is twice as entertainingly breathtaking. Thus on to the next episode!

4 comments on “Fate Zero Episode 14

  1. Hijacking JSDF F15 = win, Kiritsugu standing in a boat in a lake with a sea monster = win. Man, so much win!

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