Master Artoria

Some have toyed with the reversal of Fate Stay/Zero characters: What happens if Saber was the master? Shiro the servant? Far be it! Nahhh, just kidding. Shiro’s ok.

A picture featured in the magazine “Newtype” april 2012.

By: Takeuchi Takashi

Just some info, the picture was found online… I have no idea whether this is extra art work from the producers or something they’re planning to make in the future.


Somethings to take notice of the picture:

1.Her own command seals. Why does she have them? Isn’t Saber a servant? Or is this a different person…

2.Attire (of course). Dark blue sailor fuku with a dashing red tie. Oh how glorious.

3. Weapon: Excalibur is that you? Or a kendo sword…?

Someone please make this into an official scale figure and I’ll pre-order it.

The picture inspires a lot of curiosity. Perhaps one day they’ll be merciful enough to make a Fate TV series that show the Fate Extras (games) and this beautiful picture of Saber having a turn at being a master.


Fate Zero Episode 15

The first half of episode fifteen was rather dull. Perhaps it was to set the proper context/mood for the second half… which painted one of the most majestic scenes of Saber I have ever seen. The show began with a bit of a recap:

1.Berserker trying to murder Gilgamesh.

2. Everyone else trying to kill the giant tentacle monster.

Here are some noted events. 🙂

1. Magical (one sided) battle

The fight between Tokiomi and Kariya was rather disappointing. Kariya stands on one side and sends evil huge insects to battle. Tokiomi parries the (one dimensional attack) with a shield of fire. After standing there for so long, Kariya must’ve realized that his strategy was utterly useless. Approaching his opponent in any other way would deem reasonable (of course). Why didn’t he try something else? Perhaps he was too consumed with his rage and having lost so much blood impaired his logic. Was expecting something more though. Perhaps this too was done in the novel… but with more context.

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The King in whose kingdom has put all their hope on, bearing all the burden alone. (or so said the dialogue in Fate Zero)


King of Knights!

Wish I knew who the artist was. The art is simply beautiful. Haven’t found him or her yet. If only they didn’t change the sword…But it’s olryt in the end.


Fate Zero Episode 14

Fate Stay Zero Episode 14

Yesss! The long awaited series has finally shown its’ glorious self. All the waiting, head scratching, day dreaming, computer gaming, exam taking, and all the activities to sedate the pain (of not being able to see the rest of the series) has finally paid off. Now we only need to patiently bleed a week until another episode is shown.

Right in the beginning we receive an epic picture scene of Saber.


Hair and blood flying around ❤

We also have images from the opening song that leave us burning with anticipation and awe. The song itself didn’t really feel different from the first.

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